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carb cleaning

  1. Removing Airbox and Carb work

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey everyone, I have a 1981 cx500c that isn't quite starting. It ran when i first got it but my carbs were flooding due to bad float. while my carb is out, i was thinking of removing the Airbox to give it that sleek look with nothing underneath the seat. I read in places that i might have to...
  2. Bringing a '78 CX500 Back to Life

    General Discussion
    New member here, and have never rode a motorcycle before in my life. I love working on my cars, and I thought a bike would be a easier/cheaper project to keep me busy. So I went out and spent $200 on a 1978 Honda CX500 that's been sitting for the past 11 years. Here she is in all of her current...
  3. Help to find the place for tray

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi! Im up to cleaning my carbs. I have put the carbs apart. And when i was flush one of them in water, after the ultrasonic wash. A smal tray was faling out from the carb. And i dont know where it`s place. And i cant find the other one at the second carb. Can any one help med and point me dto...
  4. Newbie Disassembling my Carburetor

    Technical Help Forum
    In a desperate attempt to familiarize myself with my bike and auto maintenance in general, I have decided that I will disassemble and reassemble my carburetor to clean it out. Armed with YouTube videos and my Clymer Service Guide, I feel confident that I won't mess up anything too badly. Is...
  5. Running rich

    Technical Help Forum
    So I bought a rebuilt '78 a few months ago. It ran pretty smoothly for the first bit, but it was really rich and backfired when you shut it off. Now it seems like it isn't getting enough fuel past second gear. It tries to go, but it stutters and unless you put the clutch in, it dies. This is my...
  6. No power (but lots of spluttering) over 4000 RPM

    Technical Help Forum
    Symptoms: bike will start, idle, and drive up to 40mph. however (in any gear) will not get past 4K rpm regardless of how much throttle is given. also when i am up in the 3500-4000 rpm range the bike will sputter (i don't really know how to describe it) and "jump" faster. it results in a sudden...
  7. Carb Dip/Cleaner in Canada

    General Discussion
    Found a few old threads on the subject, kinda leaned towards finding carb spray which is easily found at Canadian Tire, but what I'm not finding is a bucket of carb cleaner/dip. Anyone in Canada/Ontario know where to buy some? I have my carbs totally apart (using Larry's guide) and would like...
  8. Cleaning... well, everything

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys, just got my first motorcycle, a '78 CX500 that's been in a barn apparently since '89. Gave the metal a spray down with GUNK and pressure washed it to see what I was working with and overall it seems ok, but there are some things that definitely need looked at before trying to start it...
  9. Hello & carb cleaning question

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello all. I've just joined. I've been a long time CX500 rider, first owned one in the early 80s and have one in the garage. I haven't used the one in the garage for quite a few years and am looking to get it up and running again. It was running when I last used it and never intended to stop...