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  1. Stripped thread on rear camshaft water pump

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi forum! I'm made it back after a year and 42,000 km on my CX500 around North and Central america. Had to rebuild the engine a couple times, so I'm getting better at taking care of my CX. In the last rebuilt I used half of another engine to fix the problems i had, but the camshaft's rear...
  2. Repaired camshaft and followers (Before & After)

    Technical Help Forum
    Just received my camshaft and followers back from the cam specialist and they look practically new. Here's what they looked like before! I had them done at a place called Newman's Cams in South East London. The cost of buying a new camshaft and followers would've been around £650 but the...
  3. Alternative to the Turbo

    CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    I'm looking for ideas, just in case. My 82 CX T has a bad stator. Tore down the motor to replace it and, like many others have experienced, the camshaft snapped. Replacements are hard to find, if at all, and aftermarket is no help. I love the bike and have only had it a month. :crying: I...
  4. Wanted: Camshaft

    Selling and Buying Forum
    I'm looking for a camshaft thats in decent shape, the one that came in my engine is all rusted and the seal for the water pump wont sit right. does anyone know or have one that i could get for a cheap price?
  5. Cam shaft, Timing Adjustment

    Technical Help Forum
    Okay so I am building my first bike up from a completely torn apart engine. I have the bike together and it ran yesterday at full throttle for a few minutes. Then after a little bit I started getting coughing and back firing out of the carbs. I pulled the carbs off to do a rebuild on them...
  6. Stripped the camshaft acorn nut

    Technical Help Forum
    First of all, I'm glad the camshaft is harder steel than the acorn nut that holds the impeller against the housing. After doing the mechanical seal two years ago, I stripped the acorn nut when putting it back on the impeller. I know I stripped it, because I never reached the correct torque...
  7. Rod Knocking? Or something else

    Technical Help Forum
    OK, just picked up an 83 GL650I with 19k miles. Done alot of barn sitting through the years the PO said but fired it up for a moment and it didn't sound too bad, like it needed a good tuneup so I bought it. I already own a GL500 and was looking for a step up. I got the bike home and changed the...
  8. Fixing a Camshaft Oil Seal

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello Everyone, This is my first post and I figured I'd post this quick fix in case anybody else out there runs into the same problem. I bought a 79 CX500 Custom late last year as a first motorcycle. I love it. Here's a photo of her from last October- After riding it for about a month I...