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  1. Gl650 Camchain broken, but why??

    Technical Help Forum
    Feel free to move if this is in the wrong spot of previously discussed for this engine! okay here is the story. So I got 2 bikes from this guy (I regret it already) one was an 82 gl500i (full fairing and bags etc) the other was and 83 gl650 (partial bike, missing rear end). My goal was to...
  2. Cam Chain Assessment

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello All, I'm new to the forum, but have browsed plenty. I recently started a Cafe Racer build on a 1980 CX500. The owner had started some modifications himself. It has about 25 to 30,000 miles on it. It already had the loop, different lower handle bars, handle grips. When I purchased it I...
  3. CX500A 1980 South Africa

    Build Threads
    Hello everyone, I decided to make a thread to document my build. There are so much valuable information in every build thread here posted by other members. I have posted a few threads under Technical Help Forum but needed a single thread to merge it all. So my introduction thread is here...
  4. That noise turned out to be a lack of *any* cam chain tension

    Technical Help Forum
    Some of you may recall that I got a 1978 CX running that had been sat for 30 years. I was concerned about the noise it was making and after having a finger through the inspection port, I discovered the manual tensioner was sat in its lowest position. Then I pushed the cam chain...that was...
  5. Cam chain + tensioner vs milage

    CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    I have a general question. What kind of mileage can be got out of cam chains and tensioners assuming they have been properly maintained. 15000 mi 20000 mi 25000 mi 30000 mi 45000 mi 50000 mi? I did a triple bypass once on a bike that had 19000 miles. I replaced both the chain and the...
  6. Hard starting cold after valve and cam chain tension adjustment

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi all, I'm trying to get my 1980 cx500 dialed in. I recently adjusted my valves and cam chain tension and the bikes really hard to start cold now. I adjusted the valves using .003 for intake and .004 for exhaust, at tdc on each cylinder as instructed. Pre adjustment the valves were definitely...
  7. I know the answer but I really don't want to have to drop the engine.

    Technical Help Forum
    So I was adjusting the valves today, figured they probably happened been done in about 10 years and while I was at it stupidly decided to adjust the cam chain tensioner. I did it by the book and it should have been fine but no. Instead of tightening it the tensioner has let it go really loose...
  8. Cam chain differences?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey, everyone. I'm slowing getting parts and building towards a triple bypass. So I had a few questions about cam chain tensioners. I've found a guy selling a full tensioner assembly, guides, spring, everything for a really good price. His came out of an 82 cx500c. I'm wondering whether it will...
  9. Cam chain sources

    General Discussion
    Well the seasons have changed. Hail came down today along with all the leaves on the trees in pretty much all of Ontario and I really can't see a better time to commence triple bypass surgery. I have ordered most parts needed but seem to be stuck finding a cam chain (14401-MA1-013). Are there...
  10. Timing

    Technical Help Forum
    In changing the cam chain on my '78 cx 500 I think I got the timing off. What do I need to do to get the timing back on? Thanks for your help!!!
  11. external, enduring indication of a bypass?

    General Discussion
    Ok, so I did the bypass on my '79 CX500D a couple of years ago, and I know I'll never give her up. But my son recently acquired a CX650 and we are in the middle of replacing the stator, cam chain, mech seal and starter clutch bearings (aka, the "quadruple bypass"). There will probably come a day...
  12. GL650 timing chain snapped. Help Please?

    Technical Help Forum
    I am a newbie to the gl500/650 but not new to Hondas. I recently bought a GL500I then bought a Standard GL650 with 9000miles on it. So I took the fairing and bags off 500 and put them on the 650. I finally got the project done after getting my 83 fairing mount. The 650 had a Rattle to it so I...
  13. '79 CX500 Need Help Diagnosing Possible Cam Chain Issues

    General Discussion
    Been lurking for about a year since I first got my CX. First I gotta say thanks to the insane amount of resources here. My mechanic experience is limited to changing the oil in my car and rebuilding a carb on a XR50 when I was 13. So let's assume I have no knowledge of this sort of stuff. I...
  14. Triple Bypass - Does My Cam Chain Need Replacing?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi I'm considering doing a triple bypass. If I do not need my Cam Chain or my Stator to be replaced at the moment, I won't do it (money issues). But if I really need it replaced, I will. Here are some pictures I'm not sure where this washer came from, I found it while I was removing the...
  15. Technical help for a noob - RPM & cam chain questions

    Technical Help Forum
    I got my cx500 a few months ago and first time I ever rode a bike was in february. However, I have a degree in mechanical engineering and have always enjoyed DIY stuff so I have some basic knowledge and am trying to do all the work myself. I've fully taken apart the carbs, cleaned them...
  16. Solution for CX500's cam chain tensioner problem

    General Discussion
    Hello everyone! As I was working in two CX500, both '79, we figured that a lot of people had had a lot of problems with the cam chain tensioner. We were thinking about a solution for it, so we remplace the OEM cam chain tensioner with other that I had worked. Is based in an special tensioner...
  17. OEM vs NON-OEM Cam Chain for cx500t

    CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    Hello all, I am putting together the parts for a TRIPLE BYPASS on one of my cx500t. While OEM CAM CHAINS can still be found, they are 4-5 times the price of a non-OEM one say from Dave Silvers. In general, like most, I would always prefer OEM. But given the crazy pricing, I am...
  18. need help with my 79 cx500 cam chain tensioner !!!!! anyone in washington?

    Technical Help Forum
    HI there, I just bought a cx500 a while ago and turned it into a cafe racer.. I am cosmetically very capable but mechanically dumb as a rock... My cx rides fine and all but there is a little noise from the cam chain and I know its giving up soon. I checked and fouind out that there was a recall...
  19. CX500 Cam chain NOT available? Nooooo- is it?

    Technical Help Forum
    Just got off the phone with my mechanic. I had surgery 3 weeks ago, my mechanic threw his back out in 3 places when moving a Goldwing 1200 motor 3 months ago and now the owner of the business just dropped his 1974 Yamaha 500 on his ankle and snapped it doing all of zero miles an hour in front...