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  1. Front End Issue

    Technical Help Forum
    New '82 CX500C owner here. Got the bike for a good price, low mileage, and overall kept in good shape. I am also a new rider so I am not as experienced with the technical side of bikes. Anyways, I ended up taking off the front brake assembly and cleaning the part of the calipers that I could...
  2. GL650 - Front Wheel Stiff After Reassembly

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello CX500 Community! First off, I gotta say I have been a lurker on this forum for months now, and it's so relieving and refreshing to see such a positive community of people who are happy to share their knowledge. I'm here reading and researching at least once a day! Alas, it's finally come...
  3. Caliper Rebuild

    Technical Help Forum
    Front brake on my CX500 is pretty rough looking, some oxidation and pads seems rusted in place. Definitely needs stripped down, cleaned and painted. Figured made sense to buy one of those K&L caliper rebuild kits since the rubber is looking a bit worse for wear, and since dismantling anyway...
  4. Lost cause: Single Piston Brake & Master Cylinder

    Technical Help Forum
    Is this a lost cause? In my effort to replace the pads on my single piston brake caliper, I decided to rebuild the master cylinder as well. After purchasing the rebuild kits, draining the brake fluid, and disassembling the parts, I'm left with what appears to be very worn parts. This is my...
  5. Trouble Shooting No Front Brake

    Technical Help Forum
    I just bought a 79 cx500 off of Craigslist yesterday it has quite a few things to fix to get it on the road however. I am starting with the front Brake. Basically there is none. There is zero resistance with the brake lever. The reservoir is full. Looking around Youtube I am thinking the...