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  1. 82' Eurosport, New rear caliper costs half as much as I bought the bike for.

    Technical Help Forum
    I bought the bike a while back as my first project, one of the previous owners had already started work on it and I'd received it already half pulled apart. The issue I'm facing is that it came without a rear brake caliper, which would set me back about $415 AUD (a HUGE amount compared to what I...
  2. 1980 CX500 Custom - Front Brake Replacement Caliper?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey Everyone - can you make some suggestions on front brake calipers that bolt onto my 1980 cx500 custom? Was hoping there may be something new out there I could buy that does not require mods.... Any suggestions?? If not, what should I buy to replace mine? I think the previous owner used...
  3. Advice needed with front brake fittings on '82 GL500 Silverwing

    Technical Help Forum
    After replacing an old front tyre for a sticky new Bridgestone S11 at a local fitment shop, I thought I'd take the long road home and try to bed in the tyres a bit - about 5 km from home I suddenly felt that the front brakes were not working properly ... and looked down to find this! :hororr...
  4. Target gap between wheels' spokes & caliper

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi, I've seen in a few post (like Mike's build cx500RR which is a great post) that are talking about how to increase the gap between spokes and caliper. For exemple, grinding the inner side of the caliper or shimming the caliper to put them more toward the outside of the wheel. But I could not...
  5. Sticky Front Brake

    Technical Help Forum
    I have a 78' CX500 that I'm trying to complete a frame-off restoration but the front brake is sticking. What I've done: Rebuilt the master cylinder. Removed and cleaned the caliper Removed and cleaned the piston (lubed the piston with brake fluid before placing back into the caliper) Removed...
  6. Need a Gl500i left caliper

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hey guys, turns out the previous owner broke the bleeder off of the left caliper of my 82 Gl500i. After messing with it for a while I decided the remaining part is pretty stuck so I'm looking to buy another one. If anybody has one let me know, Thanks - Zac
  7. Uneven Front Brake Pad Wear

    Technical Help Forum
    1980 Honda CX500 Custom, Single front Disc Brake. Heard a grinding noise coming from the front and decided to investigate. Discovered that one of my brake pads was wore all the way down, just broke through the pad and was showing metal. This was the inside pad mind you. The outside pad looked...