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  1. Cx500 classic racer (65-70 Hp trying)

    Build Threads
    Hello, My name is Niels aka Nelson, i am major student with a specialication in Internal Combustion Engines and i accidentely bought a bike.... Had the intention to just build it up cheaply to a nice cheacky cafe racer buth the project went his own way... I bought a 1978 cx500 with 33000...
  2. Cafe racer/ seat from /

    Where Can I Find...
    Hey. Im new here and to the whole world of Cafe Racer. I just bought a seat from but it does not fit... anybody tried that before...? Any good places to buy parts from? (I used Ebay and Aliexpress)
  3. CX500 Air Box Removal?

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    hello, im new here and ive been searching around a little bit and cannot seem to find anything about removing the airbox itself. i am interested in installing pod filters and i just wanted to see if anybody would be able to help me with removing the airbox; what exactly is the easiest way of...
  4. CX500C Cafe Seat...Need Help!

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hello everyone. im in the midst of building a 1981 CX500 Custom cafe racer and im stopped dead in my tracks trying to figure out what to do with my seat. i really like slim/minimalist seats (1 seaters) but im having trouble building a good seat pan as i do not have access to welding equipment. i...