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  1. More help with throttle cables

    Technical Help Forum
    I've connected my cables every way possible to get the throttle working properly but one way when I connect it, the cables are too long and lose, and even one popped out, and the other way I tried, I couldn't get the last cable in because it was too short, maybe I'm not doing this right so I'm...
  2. Speedometer Cable Clip

    Technical Help Forum
    I picked up a new speedometer cable from Motionpro, but I don't have the clip for it to attach to the speedometer drive gear. Can someone send me a picture of one so I can make it? I can't find one anywhere.
  3. Shorter Cables

    Technical Help Forum
    I put Bikemaster Daytona bars on my 1982 CX500 Custom because I didn't like the buckhorn handlebars. These bars are a good deal shorter and lower than the stock bars, and all of my cables and hoses are a bit too long now, especially the clutch. I'm wondering if I should just buy the Motion Pro...
  4. Cable Lube

    General Discussion
    I was looking at cable lube, and the lube tool for my old cables, see if can revive the old cables and get some more use out of them. They work, but dry/stiff. Decided to take a few inches of hose, slide over the end of the cable and clamp it on, fill the end with lube then using the air blower...
  5. Shorter Clutch cable and levers

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    I'm having some trouble finding the right clutch cable length and lever for my 1982 cx500c. A lot of cables I find only work for cx500 up to 81 or below. I Need a shorter than stock length for mustache/low cruiser type bars. If anyone has any suggestions of who to go through for finding one...
  6. 1982 GL500 Repairs

    General Discussion
    hey guys, I wrecked my 1982 honda gl500 2 summers ago and have finally got it running again. Unfortunately due to the recent cold weather i snapped the choke cable off just below the metal plug and my throttle is stuck wide open. I have adjusted the throttle via the choke mechanism so that...
  7. Cafe style handlebars, now throttle cables are too long....

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello folks, I switched out my handle bars for a set of Omar's adjustable cafe bars which are the badassest bars on the planet. So I dry fit the bars and attached all the controls for an operational check. Brake and clutch cables were easily enough, rerouted and feel like they will work...
  8. What type of throttle do I have? Push or pull?

    Technical Help Forum
    So I have a stock 79 cx500 D and I need to make new cables. I want to order a cable to cut to size but I am not sure what style my stock cable is for the throttle. I know when I get on the throttle I pull back almost in a downward motion. It has two cables coming out from the bottom of the unit...