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  1. Technical Help Forum
    Please befriend me. I am new. I purchased my steed (1981 CX500 custom) from another member of this community recently, also a Jeff. Very excited. Trying to learn how to maintain this magnificent beast. I have located the source of a slow radiator fluid leak to the bypass hose where it connects...
  2. Technical Help Forum
    I post waaaaaay back in November about having messed up my ATU on a quadruple bypass, and after posting I dropped the bike off with a mechanic to get the job re-done. They thankfully did wonderful work and replaced the stator for me too as I couldn't get in touch with Custom Rewind in time for...
  3. General Discussion
    Ok, so I did the bypass on my '79 CX500D a couple of years ago, and I know I'll never give her up. But my son recently acquired a CX650 and we are in the middle of replacing the stator, cam chain, mech seal and starter clutch bearings (aka, the "quadruple bypass"). There will probably come a day...
1-3 of 3 Results