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  1. a Las Vegas father & son CX500 Cafe build

    Build Threads
    My CX500 build is finally complete. I didn't take near as many photos as I would have liked, but I'm going to post up what I have. Big thanks to Murray and everyone else in this forum that helped answer my questions along the way.
  2. Cafe Racer Kits project that needs assembled!

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Started this project a few months ago with the hope of having it done by the summer. Sadly time has gotten away from me and she needs a new owner to piece her together. I have a video log of everything I have done to the bike so far. I also have a complete CX500 owners manual and most...
  3. CX500 Cafe Racer build from New Zealand

    Build Threads
    Hi all, Long time reader. I've finished up my CX500 build. It wont appeal to everyone, but I love it, and to me that's what matters. It's taken me over 18 months to build as I have done everything myself. From designing and building the frame, to making a new wiring loom, painting, the lot...
  4. '79 CX500 the Scrambled Brat

    Build Threads
    I have just taken possession of my first 1979 Honda cx500. She is a bit rough, but with the proper attention I believe she will turn into the gem I see. My overall plan is to modify the bike minimally. I want to avoid cutting the frame and essentially turn this bike into an amalgamation of the...
  5. '80 CX500 Project

    Build Threads
    Hi Guys, I am fairly new to the forum and so far have found everyone incredibly helpful, so thanks for that. I thought that I would begin this build thread to document the progress of my project and perhaps help out people who try to do similar things in the future - plus advice is always...
  6. new member, 4th build

    Build Threads
    Hello all! I'm a new member here. I'll be using this page to chronicle my cx500 build! I've received a fully stock '81 cx500 deluxe and about 85% of a '79 cx500 as trade for me building another motorcycle (or truck.. or FJ.. or.....) for a quirky guy I know, who has two large storage units...
  7. Gap between rear brake and wheel

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey all, I'm just putting this 1982 GL500 back together and I've come across kind of a weird gap between the lip of the rear wheel and the the lip of the rear brake cover/holder. The center hub of the cover just rests on the center of the wheel bearing which means there's a fair ~1/8" cap...
  8. 1980 cx500d build

    Build Threads
    Hi everyone. I feel like I have done enough to the bike to make a build thread to show progress. So far I have disassembled the carbs, bought the FSM, Haynes, Larry's book and I am going to buy Randakks carb rebuild kit unless there's a better one? I have also dropped the motor and plan on...
  9. CX500 engine to GL500 frame

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    I apologize if this has been discussed before, but after a few searches I can't find what I need. I have a brand new/old CX500 crate engine. Don't know the year. Can probably trace it with the serial numbers. Murray has graciously offered to give me some pointers on getting it running...
  10. Texavina Seat

    Where Can I Find...
    Hi guys, Just wondering how many of you out there have installed a 'Texavina' seat on your bikes? I have bought one and it looks great. Now I just have to mount the thing and that involves some hacking and welding. If any one has attempted it, do you have any tips/build thread? Regards, Lee
  11. '81 GL500 conversion

    Build Threads
    Hello Forum, Just over a month ago, I purchased an '81 GL500. The bike had been sitting since 2009 and many of the fuel and vacuum lines were cracked and rotten and it appears the water pump is also leaking. The tires were very cracked and the front brake was seized. Despite all of these...
  12. '79 CX500 Build Thread: Seized Engine Edition

    Build Threads
    I'm Nick, from Sydney, Australia. I've owned this red CX for around six months now, and have put around 5,000km on it, for a total of around 62,500km. I'd always intended to make it into a bit of a project, but it's been my only transport, so time to get it of the road has been limited...
  13. Barn Salvage 81 GL500

    General Discussion
    So found this beauty on craigslist guy said he got it from a friend who pulled it from a barn that collapsed. (The guy tossed it to me for a few bucks never made a bill of sale. Checked the vin online did not say it was reported stolen asked the local police if they could run the vin, but they...
  14. CX650 Custom Slacker Video

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, thought I might just leave this here. I am about half done with her but she needed to get out in the desert.
  15. Planning my first build. Please chime in!

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    I inherited a very low mile 79 CX500 Deluxe, finally found a tank for it and I am now ready to start dreaming up my bike. I was initially attracted to the cafe bike but now I am leaning towards the scrambler look. I could use some help with determining the right parts, as I am a rookie in the...
  16. My First Build: An Exercise In Patience and

    Build Threads
    My First Build: An Exercise In Patience and Arachnology Hey guys, So I picked up my '79 CX500 about a month ago. It's spent the better part of the last five years in and out of storage, being stolen, left outside in the rain etc. I finally had a chance to go pick it up, so now I've begun the...
  17. Kiwi CX500 cafe build

    Build Threads
    Still quite new here, but I thought I would share my cx cafe build here in little old New Zealand. I wanted a simple build that didn't break the bank and was comfortable and practical ride whilst still looking good. I started with a 1982 CX500 Shadow in reasonably good condition. I touched up...
  18. CX500 Frame, GL500 Engine

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hello friends! Finally had some time to start a thread. I'm doing my very first build on my first 2 wheel motorcycle. I'm from Cape Town, South Africa and I bought a GL500 1982 Silverwing. Well so I thought, but after a chat with Murray he pointed out that it might be a CX Deluxe, but since the...
  19. CX500 Project

    General Discussion
    Hey all! I bought my first cx500c a few months back got it running and brought it home. I figured I would turn it into my own little project. Started tearing it down last night, and don't have a clue what I'm doing haha. I'm tearing everything apart and rebuilding it and making it look pretty...
  20. cx650c RatBike to Bobber :: Build Thread

    Build Threads
    Well, I have had a couple bikes in the past including my cb750c. Since passing it along to my brother-in-law, I missed street riding. I was lucky that a buddy of mine sold me a cx650c. Now I have a project I can work on and enjoy on the street. To top it all off I came across the CX500Forum! I...