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  1. Engine Case Beyond Saving?

    Technical Help Forum
    So I have stripped my engine all the way down and noticed some imperfections. I don't think I am the first one to have disassembled it. The following pictures highlight issues of concern to me, I am wondering if it is worth being rid of the case and sourcing a newer one. Thanks! Wear behind the...
  2. Bike sounded like something exploded

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello, i've been trying to start up the bike one last time before winter to change the oil, but there just isn't any ignition. The most worrying part is that on my last try it was trying to start it when it slowly stopped trying to turn the pistons and all i heard was the kind of electrical...
  3. Is my Ignitech fried?!?!

    Technical Help Forum
    So before explaining the issue, I'll give some info on my bike: I purchased the bike almost 4 years ago and it wouldn't charge the battery. Ended up replacing the stator with a G8 model and also purchased the ignitech module. Everything ran good, and charging system worked great. Cut forward a...
  4. Speedometer not working!

    Technical Help Forum
    When I bought my bike, the speedo did not work. The original owner claimed that it quit and he replaced the cable, to no avail. I figured the speedo must be funny (turning the tripometer knob doesn't turn the readout most of the time) so I grabbed a CB750 speedometer that pretty much definitely...