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  1. Front Brake Locks and Releases

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi Cx500Forum. I've been a lurker here for a while and am new to performing maintenance tasks. I've searched and read through as much front brake info as I can for my 1980 cx500 custom. It's been laid up for a while, and I've been trying to get it road-ready. Went to crack the bleed nipple...
  2. GL650 - Front Wheel Stiff After Reassembly

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello CX500 Community! First off, I gotta say I have been a lurker on this forum for months now, and it's so relieving and refreshing to see such a positive community of people who are happy to share their knowledge. I'm here reading and researching at least once a day! Alas, it's finally come...
  3. Which front and rear brake products should I buy? (1981 CX500C)

    Technical Help Forum
    First off, I'm brand spanking new here, so if I've posted this to the wrong part of the forum, mods, please feel free to move this. So I just recently came into an 81 CX500C....when I hit the rear brake, I get a high frequency grinding noise and I can feel it in the pedal. I'm certain that I'm...
  4. a few questions from a novice getting back into riding

    General Discussion
    Hi everyone! Hopefully I'll be buying a '81 CX500 Custom and will find myself a member of the community here. I used to ride dirt bikes when I was younger (20yrs) and am looking at getting my first road bike. There's a CX500 Custom that I looked at tonight that I really like but the front brake...
  5. Honda GL 650, 1983 brake disc rotors

    General Discussion
    Hello fellow CX, GL owners. I need new brake disc rotors for my Honda gl 650 from 1983. The brakes for this model is very expensive according to other models. I hope that some of you can help me with som tips to find som brake disc, or maybe tell me where you buy them. I am located in Denmark...
  6. Another GL500i brake problem post.

    General Discussion
    I've read a number of posts regarding the twin front calipers on a 82 GL500i. Nothing quite lines up with my problem. Thought I'd toss it out to forum members who know more than I do. Appreciate any insight. My GL500i front brakes work fine. No problems. Except that after I ride for a...
  7. 79 CX500 Custom brake Shoes

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey Guys, I was looking to replace the rear brake shoes on my CX500 Custom, I couldn't find any website are are selling shoes for the it. Does anyone know where i could buy them or know what size shoes they are. I couldnt even find the size in the maintenance book
  8. possible to fit an aftermarket rear master cylinder?

    Technical Help Forum
    Have 2 seized rear master cylinders for a 83 cx650e. Both are seized, have tried many things to free them but they're bot working. I'm looking for other options. I've tried loads of penetrant, heat, grease gun, even freezing. The only option I've found to replace it with the original part is way...
  9. aftermarket front brake/ master cylinder options?

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hi guys, Starting to convert my cx500 into a caferacer and the front brake master cylinder has brake fluid, after pumping it has compression but does not engage the front brake. If anybody knows a quick fix that would be great but Im also after options to replace the system with something a...
  10. Need a Gl500i left caliper

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hey guys, turns out the previous owner broke the bleeder off of the left caliper of my 82 Gl500i. After messing with it for a while I decided the remaining part is pretty stuck so I'm looking to buy another one. If anybody has one let me know, Thanks - Zac
  11. brake caliper rebuild?

    CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    Hello, 1) There are kits out there that include or do not include the pistons. Under what circumstances would you need to replace the pistons? I am assuming it is not necessary in all cases. 2) anybody have a good recommendation for a brake caliper rebuild kit and source? when I look at the...
  12. brake pad recommendations

    CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    Hey all, 1) there are various types of brake pads out there. any recommendations on which ones are best to use (ceramic, sintered, metallic, semi-metallic other)? 2) any idea what the OEM pads are? 3) part source recommendations? here are examples of a snippet of info you find out there...
  13. Front brake jittery

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi all - In the middle of an epic trip two summers ago, my front brake started stuttering. I can't point to any particular moment or incident that might have caused it. It is chafing at a certain point in the rotation of the wheel. I notice it most when slowing to a stop. Chunk, chunk...
  14. Help with Front Brake diagnosis?

    Technical Help Forum
    Well the guy I got the bike from couldnt find out what was wrong with the front brake, said it was not leaking. (also didnt really put to much effort in). So he drained it. So I have a drained front brake that does not work. What are some steps that I could use to go about seeing what is wrong...
  15. Brake Rotor Question

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey there... just looking at getting my first bike, something I can tinker with come winter, not too pricey, and been eyeing up a '78 CX500. Seen a lot of really nicely done ones online, and Cafe Racer ones as well. The (rather stupid) question I have is about the brakes. I've done all my own...
  16. Brake help...lots of help.

    Custom How To
    Ok, so I went and jumped on a ebay and snagged an auction really cheap for what was poorly listed as a set of cb900 brakes. But it was cheap so I took the chance and ended up with a set of brakes with the long bracket. 4 inch spacing and doesn't work on my forks. I need new forks, but I'm...
  17. Front brake lever will not light the brake light

    Technical Help Forum
    The front lever sends no signal but the rear lever does . I'm thinking about replacing the entire fixture master cylinder and all, do you think this assembly will work? Honda CX500 CX650 FT500 GL500 Brake Master Cylinder Expedited Shipping | eBay
  18. Brake Cable Length? - 1982 GL500

    Technical Help Forum
    Quick Question -- I'm planning on replacing my master cylinder this weekend and I'm looking to put stainless steel brake cables on for both the front and back brakes while doing the job. What size brake cables should I order? (Any tips on where? -- I called JDA) I checked the Honda Service...
  19. Honda CX500 1982 - Brake Line question

    General Discussion
    Hey everyone, first post for me! I have a 1982 Honda CX500 and I am putting new handlebars that require me to replace the current front brake hose/cables with longer ones. I am just wondering what specifics I need to know before ordering a new set. I assume any brake line kit will work as...
  20. CX500 front end swap question

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    I just picked up a cx500 that has already had a front end swap done. The only issue is that the wheels now do not match, which will not work for me. I want to make the stock comstock wheel work with the yzf600r front end that is on the bike, but want to keep the dual disks that are mounted on...