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brake lines

  1. Noob mechanic requesting advice on bleeding new brakeline on 81 CX500 (US).

    Technical Help Forum
    I’m hoping to get some advice on replacing my master cylinder and brake line on an 81CX500, which I am quite eager to render safe and fully roadworthy. The existing master cylinder is a sun-rotted mess, though it is perfectly functional at this time. It just needs to go. I went and purchased...
  2. Replacement Brake lines for 1982CX500TC

    Technical Help Forum
    First post guys and gals so go easy on me. Recently did a brake rebuild front and rear on my 1982CX500TC and I still am having a problem where they wont release. As i have read I assume there is still crap clogging up the return valve. My next step is to replace the brake lines in the front...