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  1. Another GL500i brake problem post.

    General Discussion
    I've read a number of posts regarding the twin front calipers on a 82 GL500i. Nothing quite lines up with my problem. Thought I'd toss it out to forum members who know more than I do. Appreciate any insight. My GL500i front brakes work fine. No problems. Except that after I ride for a...
  2. Honda CX500 1982 - Brake Line question

    General Discussion
    Hey everyone, first post for me! I have a 1982 Honda CX500 and I am putting new handlebars that require me to replace the current front brake hose/cables with longer ones. I am just wondering what specifics I need to know before ordering a new set. I assume any brake line kit will work as...
  3. Angle and brake hose length for a 1983 GL650?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey all, I recently got a 1983 GL650i from my uncle. He had it sitting in his garage for 10years and he only put 20miles on it. I cleaned out the carb a bit and rode it from DC to Detroit. This is my first real bike with disc brakes(my first was a honda farm bike in Zambia, it only had drum...