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  1. Front End Issue

    Technical Help Forum
    New '82 CX500C owner here. Got the bike for a good price, low mileage, and overall kept in good shape. I am also a new rider so I am not as experienced with the technical side of bikes. Anyways, I ended up taking off the front brake assembly and cleaning the part of the calipers that I could...
  2. Honda CX650 ED Rear Brake Caliper and master

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi All, New to the forum, I bought my CX650 a couple of weeks ago and have begun the major overhaul. I have completely stripped the bike to find it is in much worse condition than I had been led to believe. The brake calipers are all shot. The fronts have both had the bleed nipples snapped off...
  3. 79 CX500 Front End parts for sale

    Selling and Buying Forum
    I took off the front end in preparation to swap in for my new CBR600RR front end. So I'm selling the following items: -Left and right Forks (both straight, not leaking or seeping) -Triple Tree (all of the original ball bearings 37 to be exact) (the right lower Triple is a little tight on the...
  4. brake caliper rebuild?

    CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    Hello, 1) There are kits out there that include or do not include the pistons. Under what circumstances would you need to replace the pistons? I am assuming it is not necessary in all cases. 2) anybody have a good recommendation for a brake caliper rebuild kit and source? when I look at the...
  5. are these brake calipers/pistons saveable?

    Technical Help Forum
    So I bought my 1980 cx500d about a month ago. The PO shipped two brake calipers in a separate box. The smaller is about 38 mm diameter piston (I think that is the original from what i've read) markings 4 L - 1 6 One is larger (about 43 mm diameter piston): markings 4 N - 1 2. I would need new...
  6. Caliper Rebuild

    Technical Help Forum
    Front brake on my CX500 is pretty rough looking, some oxidation and pads seems rusted in place. Definitely needs stripped down, cleaned and painted. Figured made sense to buy one of those K&L caliper rebuild kits since the rubber is looking a bit worse for wear, and since dismantling anyway...
  7. Brake caliper, swap

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everyone. I have a problem with the brake caliper (cx500c) I had to ream the valve, but it did not help. Now i want to buy a new brake but i dont know from what model will it match, please help, Below i attach a picture
  8. Fender rubbing against the tire. Silvering 650GLI '83

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey all, I am in the middle of rebuilding my brake calipers for the front wheel and I am almost done. I went to put the front wheel back on and spun it a few times just to make sure everything was fine. To my dismay, it wasn't. It turns out the front wheel is rubbing against the back of the...