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  1. Carburetor insulators (boots) Left insulator not in production, options?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey everyone! I'm working on a 79' Custom. As is with older bikes, especially not well maintained ones, the old, original carburetor insulators (boots) cracked. Normally I just order an OEM replacement and move on. However, while Honda still manufacturers the right insulator, the left one is no...
  2. '78 CX500 - Air Box Boots

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Sorry if the terminology is incorrect, but, just bought my first motorcycle yesterday, a '78 Honda CX500 barn find... had a few 'minor' issues to get started... one of which is that the air box is missing those short rubber tubes that connect to the carbs. I think they call them boots. Looking...
  3. OEM Driveshaft Dust Boot Replacement? GL500

    General Discussion
    Does anyone know where to find a replacement for the driveshaft dust boot on a 1981 GL500? I've had no luck - Ebay was close but all for the wrong model bikes - seems no dealerships have them. Similar to this: