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  1. Honda cx500c for sale by BBCR Engineering

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hello, I am selling my Honda cx500c... fully custom by BBCR Engineering. Recently changed: New clutch, all fuilds. rebuild carbs. u can contact me : +17862416597
  2. New to the Gl500 Game

    General Discussion
    Hey guys! I was gifted a 1982 Gl500 Silverwing by a good friend of mine and I'm looking for some good ideas. I like bobbers, but I also want to put the back seat on for my wife. Thanks!
  3. new member, 4th build

    Build Threads
    Hello all! I'm a new member here. I'll be using this page to chronicle my cx500 build! I've received a fully stock '81 cx500 deluxe and about 85% of a '79 cx500 as trade for me building another motorcycle (or truck.. or FJ.. or.....) for a quirky guy I know, who has two large storage units...
  4. 1983 CX650 Custom For Sale

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Brand new tires, front and rear. Fresh carb rebuild, gaskets and screw sets. Honda 750 Shadow exhaust pipes. An incredible 60 horsepower, pumped out by one of the most reliable engines ever built. A transversely-mounted, liquid-cooled V-twin; the same basic engine we use in our CX650 Turbo...
  5. Good deal on a first bike?

    General Discussion
    What I'm looking at is a Bobbed 1981 CX500. I've been wanting to get a motorcycle for quite some time, but have only been seriously looking to buy for a few weeks. I wouldn't be opposed to something a bit newer or sportier, but I also really dig the look and style of certain bobbers. This one...
  6. Springerforks and gastanks?

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hello CX500 Forum! :cool: I am new here, and are in the process of planning a build. Since doing so, I have a few questions for you all; 1: What are the pros and cons of a springer front-end? I reaally like the looks of 'em, and would love to have one on my bike. How much of a pain in...
  7. First Custom cx500, Handle bar Help!

    Custom How To
    Hey guys, I'm new to making Bobbers, and I really want to "Bob out" my cx500 so was wondering how tall I could have the bars without changing the wires, and if I'm going to need to change them how should I go about doing that. Such as soldering wires or buying new wires, break lines and cables...
  8. Never settle... Rayworks 1978 CX500 Build (mark II)

    Build Threads
    Hey hows it going everyone. My bike originally was a bit of a barn find, an Original and unmolested 1978 Honda CX500. Problem was that it was in very rough condition, so it was a perfect candidate for a resto-mod. As some of you have seen my previous build (black/gold cafe), I wanted to switch...