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  1. getting a R100S

    Off-Topic Posts
    Picking up a 77 BMW R100S on Saturday. It needs to be painted, but has new tires, brakes and 1 owner bike. ODO has quit working, but the owner thinks it has about 70k on it. It has an aftermarket fairing on the front that was installed when the original owner purchased it. I want to return...
  2. Buyers beware of motorcycleseatsdirect, hondaclassic31, jdmscotter

    General Discussion
    I made this account just to warn others as I made the mistake of not researching before I purchased from this seller. Judging from past threads this seller has been blacklisted from Ebay and used multiple usernames. Unfortunately, the seller Eric, still operates under Cafe Racer Seat | Custom...
  3. Selling BMW transmission parts

    Off-Topic Posts
    I have some BMW parts I'm looking to sell. Since this isn't CX related, I felt "off-topic" was best to post. Does anyone regularly visit any BMW forums. I know there's the BMW Moa forum, but I don't know of any other large BMW forums. I have a 1996 BMW R1100R transmission...