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  1. oil light comes on 1983 cx650c

    Technical Help Forum
    Never heard of oil pump problems with a cx. Anybody have any issues in this area? runs strong. no weird noises could too thick oil do it? I used amsoils but I was thinking about switching to vavoline racing oil for the zinc but is it too thick? lets see sensor; bearings; oil pump; fiter; had oil...
  2. Cx500 Main Bearing Issues

    General Discussion
    Hi there if anyone has any info on CX500 main bearings i would love some help. I am completely rebuilding my 1980 CX500A motor, over here in South Africa. When i brought the bike, i stripped the motor to find that it had run the big end bearings and damaged the big end journals pretty badly. I...
  3. Steering Head Bearings

    Technical Help Forum
    I've seen plenty of write-ups and the wiki has a good article as well on the steering head bearing replacement/conversion. What I don't see is advice on whether I should do that mod or not. looks like people are usually doing it out of necessity. Is it recommended to do this conversion...
  4. Swing arm bearing removal opinions

    Technical Help Forum
    Evening all, So just got my 500 frame back, looped, new seat loads of parts painted which means...... Time to reasemble .... But I'm wisely replacing the bearings first of course... just for the record this my first project. Anyway, Iv got my Haynes manual and understand how to remove the...