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  1. Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys I am rebuilding a 79 CX500 and ordered a new crankshaft and main journal bearings to put with it. I had them measured to this new crankshaft so that I got the right ones. The problem I have is the crank does not turn easily… I have put PLENTY of engine assembly lube during the install...
  2. Selling and Buying Forum Check out my product! Rear wheel bearing retainer removal tool | CX500 Parts Made in the USA. Common uses for AR400 steel: Armor plate for combat robotics, sprockets/gears, wear plates on heavy equipment, and shooting targets. Part is deburred with smooth edges.
  3. Custom How To
    Hi everyone, I am doing a full front end cbr600rr conversion on my cx500 I ordered the correct parts from all balls 99-3511-5 for the top and 99-3511-5 for the bottom The bottom kit comes with two additional washers: a thicker one of smaller radius and a thinner one of larger radius I've read...
  4. Technical Help Forum
    Hi Guys, Sorry for my silence there has been a lot of things on as of late. I have come back to my cx500 project and am putting in a tapered bearing kit, however there is no "smaller washer" that is mentioned here frequently included in the kit so I was wondering if someone would be able to...
1-4 of 4 Results