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  1. Selling and Buying Forum
    Check out my product! Under seat cx500 battery VBox-2 |
  2. Technical Help Forum
    So I’ve owned my CX500 for a couple weeks now and for the third time I’ve found myself having to charge the battery. One day it will run fine (aside from the rough idling in neutral, I’ve been advised to clean the carbs and adjust the idle adjustment screw but I’m welcome to additional advice!)...
  3. CX Customization and Mods Forum
    So I just joined this forum after months of using it as research for my first gl500 silverwing cafe build. I am at the point in the project where I am considering a new 8cell antigravity battery, but I hear that the charging system needs to be upgraded to prevent the battery from over...
  4. Technical Help Forum
    I'm pulling my batteries out of the bikes stored in the unheated garage for the winter. I plan to use some sort of battery maintenance program. Hbr Freight sells a really cheap battery float charger for under $10 ($4.99 if you find the right coupon). I can spend up to $69.95 for something...
1-4 of 4 Results