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  1. Forks hitting Deluxe tank?

    Technical Help Forum
    So my CX500 had clip-on bars when I bought it. The bar mounts hit the tank when turned all the way and put some dents in the front of the tank. I bought some lower-profile clip-on mounts to hopefully remedy this, but I noticed the fork tubes hit the tank before the stop, even with no...
  2. How to remove rail bars (helmet/luggage bars?) on the back of an '81 GL500?

    Technical Help Forum
    I'm stripping my GL500 to get it painted and have almost everything off, but I can't seem to removed the rear fender. I have all the bolts off and I can pivot it up and down, but it's still held on by the two bars on the rear of the bike. Anyone know how to remove them? Pic below.