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  1. Trouble running engine. Rough running with new jets

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello. First post here. Just coming to the end of my CX500 complete rebuild into a custom scrambler style. Using a Rae San ignition and pod filters so just installed 90/120 jets. Pops and occasionally backfires and has trouble idling. Revs increase when carb pushed in which is strange. I’m...
  2. New Exhaust Gaskets Fixed Everything

    General Discussion
    Recently I've been trying to get Jenny's carbs dialed in as perfectly as I possibly can. I have the carbs synced with virtually 0 difference using a DIY water manometer. The engine evened out noticeably after the sync, but I was still getting symptoms of a lean condition. The engine was...
  3. CX500C starts, runs, dies, won't start

    Technical Help Forum
    I've got a '79 CX500C, and it was running great until just recently. On a completely cold start, I can start it on 1/2 choke and it will run for about 30 seconds, at which point (choke or not), it will begin to roughen up and eventually die. After dying, it's difficult/impossible to get...
  4. Left exhaust weaker and backfiring.

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everyone, sorry I know it looks like I'm posting question after question but I am dying to get my project finished. I think the best way to explain it is that the right side runs consistently with a solid "thud" from the exhaust every moment whereas the left side is more of a "puff" with a...
  5. Engine Problems - Backfiring & Poor Starting

    Technical Help Forum
    My '82 CX500C has trouble starting and once it's started, it has a really rough idle and it backfires. I plan on rebuilding the carburetor, but I'm not sure if that's the only problem. What could be the problems?
  6. honda cx400c not firing right cylinder help

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello to everyone in the group.. i am currently rebuilding a cx400c ti ignition.... this bike seat for 7 years. previews owner stop riding because of a rattling sound... well i bought the bike and start stripping it.. i found broken tensioner and flywheel... i have done a triple by bass to...
  7. Dismantling exhaust Honda Silverwing GL650 1983

    Technical Help Forum
    When I bought this moto recently it was running well. Then a backfire and it is now laid up. I want to get at the head gasket. Can any one give me advice about removing the first part of the exhaust pipe. It has come away easily from the cylinder head but remains obstinate where it goes into...
  8. 81 cx500 has trouble starting. Possible stator issue.

    Technical Help Forum
    Im working on getting a cx500 running for one of my friends and i have ran into a bit of a dilemma and im fearing it is going to need a new stator. The bike is a 1981 cx500c. My friend was told by the pervious owner that the bike ran great it just had been sitting for a very long time...
  9. '82 CX500 Right Side Cylinder Backfires

    Technical Help Forum
    I have a 1982 Honda CX500 trike, put new rings, rebuilt carbs, compression on both cylinders is between 150-160. When it's running, you pull the left side plug wire off it quits running but when you pull the right side plug wire it stays running. The right side plug is wet and the engine...