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  1. Part numbers for GL500 interstate

    Where Can I Find...
    Hello I'm looking for parts for my new GL500 interstate. Eg: passenger seat, oil and air filters, plugs etc. I have encountered differences between the user manual and what people and wesites say. Can anyon ehlp me with a source for part numbers? Or just the parts numbers for the above? Thanx
  2. Ugly noises and whatnot

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey everybody. I have gone through a lot of effort and time and got my 81 GL500i rebuild project at the point where i can take it out on the road to test issues. I have arrived at a couple of ugly problems that have my bike making ugly noises. 1) my bike pulls strong, like its supposed to, from...
  3. '82 Honda CX500C oil in air filter

    Technical Help Forum
    So I bought a 1982 Honda cx 500 c a few weeks ago. It's not in perfect condition and I haven't had time to have a look at it until a few days ago. Whilst doing a general quick look over I decided to check the air filter, see how dirty it was etc. came out nicely and looked perfectly clean...
  4. CX 650 Air Filter

    Technical Help Forum
    My filter had a family of mice in it. The only OEM filter I can find is on E-vil-bay for about $100 from Germany. I couldn't find any threads here about where to find these unique items. I think I can use an auto filter and replace the element in the metal housing. I boiled the old filter in...
  5. '78 CX500 missing airbox

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Well, search continues... was supposed to buy a CX500 last week, but guy sold it on me. :S Looking at another one, and from how it reads, I think it's the same one. Person who bought it realized she was too small to drive it. :D Anyways, says the gas line is disconnected, carbs/tank need...
  6. Replacement Air Cleaner Elements.

    CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    Just saw this on the TMIOA site ________________________________________________ Replacement Air Cleaner Elements. Dear Turbo Colleagues, Honda has stopped producing Air Cleaner Elements for the Honda CX500T/650T Motorcycles (17217-MC7-000). Searching the Internet resulted in finding a...