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  1. Can't sustain RPMs above 3000?

    Technical Help Forum
    [solved] Can't sustain RPMs above 3000? Hey CX500 fam, My 82 CX500C seems to not be getting enough gas to sustain RPMs above about 3000. I had taken the carbs off to fix an air leak issue (the metal part between the carb boot and the cylinder head was cracked, I got the bike that way), and now...
  2. carb accelerator pumps and air bleed

    Technical Help Forum
    Thanks in advance for reading. I'm rebuilding my carbs on my 1980 cx500 and the kit I bought did not come with new ACV's. Am I just asking for trouble if I don't put new ones in or maybe not? Secondly,,,, when I removed the plastic bleed cover on one side, there was a pencil erased size yellow...
  3. Need Odd Part For Carbs

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hi there everyone, I have started work on my 1978 CX500 and found some really good parts from my local motorcycle wreckers. I purchased a set of very clean carbs of an 81 GL500 the only issue is they are mounted closer together than on the 1978 CX500. I have all the pieces to mount them farther...