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  1. 1982 CX500C to 1978 CX parts swap

    General Discussion
    Hi y'all, I stumbled upon a 1978 cx500 (according to the seller's description). In fact, I'm not even sure his own description is accurate. Looks like somebody who wants to get rid of an old bike laying around. (Quick translation here: MUST SELL FAST!!! Model: Honda cx500, Price is...
  2. 1981 gl500 front end on a 1982 cx500c

    Custom How To
    Hi there, new member here. Almost time to put away the bike here in Montreal. Bought this bike September 2018, rode it for a couple months, put it away. Got it out this year, changed oils and rode it almost as-is all year, just to enjoy it before working on it. (Changed squealing rear brake...
  3. Placement for a unidentified wier from regulator/rectifier to M-unit Blue

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hello! I'm using a m-unit blue to run my Cx500 C 1982. From my regulator/rectifier i have 3 yellow 2 green and 2 red wires, but then I also have a black wier. What is the black wier purpose? How do i introduce the black wier into the M-unit system? On the original diagam you can see the...
  4. Wanted - Passenger seat for 1982 SilveWing GL500 interstate

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Wanted - Passenger seat for 1982 SilveWing GL500 interstate Thanx
  5. Black Cx500 Turbo for sale on eBay

    CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    Hello Members, I've got one of my bikes for sale on eBay and I'm guessing with over 500 hits that most of you have already seen this one. Here is the eBay item number - 263070022560 - There's 5 days to go from a 10 day posting, ending this Thursday, 7/13 at 7pm. I checked the postings first...
  6. 82 gl500 carb insulator

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hello, all. Anyone have a good condition left carb insulator (heard it called intake manifold as well) for an 82 gl500 that i could buy? Thanks, juice
  7. Looking for 82 gl500 fuel tank

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hi, all. I'm looking for a tank for my 82 gl500, as mine has a leak. Thanks, juice
  8. 1982 CX500 Custom Super low miles! Runs great! 3,480 miles.

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Well, not too long ago I joined this group and posted showing off my sweet purchase. I have now put in over 1100.00 worth of parts and work into it and realize I have no need for the motorcycle. I wanted to post it here to any one that would really want it. As of this afternoon it only has 3,480...
  9. 1982 GL500I Custom Cafe Racer

    General Discussion
    Moved the progress of my most recent bike to a new thread. It was here as I started to revive a 79 CX500D I had run low on oil The beginning of this project can be found in this post So I bought this GL500I to...
  10. In need of some assistance/grievance/cash/sorrow/condolences..

    Selling and Buying Forum
    In need of some assistance/cash/help!! I need help. Trying to get to Northern California for the summer and need to sell some of my things, a new bike, cage, or similar!! my lack of time is your gain! but hopefully we can both gain! because help! I'm currently located in Portland, OR. Leaving...
  11. 1982 CX500c Black - great shape. sell or part-out?

    Selling and Buying Forum
    I am looking to sell my baby. '82 CX500c Black - no decals. Rides and runs great. I used to ride this daily to work, but since moving a couple years ago I've only had it out of the garage once. So sad. And since having kids (seven years ago) my wife won't ride with me anymore. (She...
  12. 1982 cx500c Parts

    Selling and Buying Forum
    1982 Honda CX500c Parts | street, cruisers, choppers | Winnipeg | Kijiji All parts available. I'll post a parts list after the first part is sold. Will ship anywhere at buyers expense. The bike worked great and the engine ran back in 2013 before it was taken out of the frame and I've got legal...
  13. 1982 Cx500 Cafe Racer

    General Discussion
    Here's some fresh pictures of my Cafe Racer build I finished last year I took it all that way down to the frame because it was rusted and didn't run so I gave it a complete overhaul. Oh and it's for sale if any are interested ;)...
  14. 1982 Cx500 Cafe Racer

    Selling and Buying Forum
    1982 Honda Cx500 cafe racer/brat with clean title Built last winter with about 1,600 miles on the bike after being put together with 13,000 miles total on the engine What was done to the bike: Powder coated frame and wheels Painted tank which was relined and fenders Custom performance carbs...
  15. New to the forum and motorcycles

    Technical Help Forum
    Please help! I picked up my first Motorcycle a couple of months ago (an 82 GL500i) and I am having what I believe to be an electrical issue with it. It started the other day when I rode two-up for the first time. After traveling a couple of miles the bike started to run funny, would not make...
  16. thinking of selling my 1982 gl500i

    General Discussion
    My gl500i has been sitting in my barn for about a year with a significant oil leak on the top right side of the front engine gasket (just behind the engine mount). It has about 55k miles and a few cosmetic problems. It has all three bags, the passenger seat that can be swapped with the top...
  17. Front wheel installation problem (picture inside)

    Technical Help Forum
    Alright guys. I damaged my front rim and had to get a replacement off eBay. I left the wheel off for a month or two (life caught up to me) and now that I'm putting it back on something's not quite right. Hopefully the picture I attached works. What I can't figure out is why the rubber gasket on...
  18. '82 cx500 Just need some small parts

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Anyone have an extra seat pan? Or is there anyone out there that would mind duplicating it? I can pay for shipping, may be able to kick a few bucks here or there but things are scarce here. Thanks in advance!
  19. new member saying hi!

    General Discussion
    Good evening, by my clock After a good bit of eyeballing, I'm happy to be posting here. I am a new owner to an '82 GL500 in a certain running condition. I don't have any particular inspiration as to what to do with the bike aesthetically yet, though I do want to make sure it's in TOP mechanical...
  20. '82 CX500 Right Side Cylinder Backfires

    Technical Help Forum
    I have a 1982 Honda CX500 trike, put new rings, rebuilt carbs, compression on both cylinders is between 150-160. When it's running, you pull the left side plug wire off it quits running but when you pull the right side plug wire it stays running. The right side plug is wet and the engine...