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1982 gl500

  1. Cut out over 5k rpm

    Technical Help Forum
    So I'm 18 years old abd heading off to college this fall. I got my motorcycle liscense and picked up 1982 gl500 back in December of 2019 and bought it to have a bike in college as i have been riding dirt bike since i was a little kid and wanted a street bike. I completely rebuilt the motor. Only...
  2. Accelarator pump kit

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi, i bought an accelarator pump kit on ebay for my GL 500 1982. that fact is that after a couple of minutes after i installed and tried to pump up some gasoline the new diaphragma was shattered (it was OEM top quality replacement)... can anyone tell me how was that possible?? what do i did...
  3. worldwide trip

    General Discussion
    I just finished my south america journey on a suzuki gs500f. I got a gl500 1982 at home and now im thinkin on a worldwide journey back again until Brazil then europe, asia and hope i can do australia. Im really thinking about preparing the 1982 gl500 with i dont know hoy many miles in the motor...
  4. Newbie 82 HOnda GL500 Owner

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys. Just got an 82 gl500 2 weeks ago. I have never rebuilt anything and Am looking forward to the challenge. Ended up getting a running gl500 for $400(maybe overpaid maybe not. Oh well) Here are the issues I have seen so far and the potential solution to this problem. (I have little...
  5. 1982 Honda GL500 Clutch Kit Part Number?

    Technical Help Forum
    Does anyone know what the part number is for a replacement clutch kit at Autozone? I found what I was looking for online at Walmart (Walmart Mobile) but I wanted to go ahead and preorder it so I can just pay for it when it gets in and not have to wait over the weekend. Also I glimpsed over a...
  6. Honda CX500 1982 - Brake Line question

    General Discussion
    Hey everyone, first post for me! I have a 1982 Honda CX500 and I am putting new handlebars that require me to replace the current front brake hose/cables with longer ones. I am just wondering what specifics I need to know before ordering a new set. I assume any brake line kit will work as...
  7. My latest find. Maybe a reintroduction?

    General Discussion
    Hello again all, Last fall I purchased my old 1982 GL500 for $400 and it started but didn't run due to dirty carbs and rust in the gas tank. I went to harbor freight and purchased rust remover and poured that in followed by WD-40 and then gas. Put an inline fuel filter in and it runs like a...