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  1. GL500 Adventure Build

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Here's a pic of my GL500 adventure build. 1981, paid $200 for the bike that sat in a fellow's front yard for two years. Had 6,250 miles on the clock when I got it, now 50,020. Additional upgrades from this pic is a 2 into 1 with Yoshi muffler and more LED's
  2. '81 CX500 carburetors, filters, intake boots, and rebuild book

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Set of '81 CX500 carburetors, filters, intake boots. Had been rebuilt by LRCXed Larry a couple years ago, hence the high polish. Clean inside/out. Includes K&N filters, intake boots, and custom laminar flow elements (goes inside filter). Also includes carb rebuild book written by Larry. Take...
  3. Need basic 81 cx500 D info

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello all, I have recently bought a 81 cx500 deluxe and have a few general questions: What type/ weight oil should I use? How much oil will it take? The master cylinder for the front brake is leaking, has any one had this problem? I will prob just end up re-building it, but I thought maybe...