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1981 gl500

  1. New member - 1981 Silverwing GL500 Interstate - need front fork tubes

    New Member Introductions
    Hi - I recently inherited a 1981 Silverwing GL500 Interstate. Its in great shape but needs a few things to make it road worthy, the most significant being tubes for the front forks. Part #51410-DAI-003. Can anyone steer me in the right direction to acquire them? Would really appreciate some...
  2. 81' GL500 Idling Problems

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi Everyone, I'm pretty new to the bike world having just bought my first bike. Loving it so far, but I'm experiencing some issues with my ride. It doesn't idle quite right, sometimes bogging down and even dying at stoplights occasionally. I took a video of it which can be seen here. From...
  3. I don't like all this weeping

    General Discussion
    My '81 GL500 is "weeping" coolant from that typical place, at the back of the motor. Not a lot, so I am not sure if this is allowable. I read on the Triple By-pass page (please don't tell me I have to do that!) that the weep hole is there to allow spillover to weep out, and this is stated as if...