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  1. 1980 CX500 Fuel Tank - Professionally Restored

    Southeast CX500 Owners
    Hello, I have a 1979 CX500, i bought a damaged 1980 CX500 for parts and given that the tank was in a very good shape i decided to have it restored and painted by a professional in order to recuperate what i invested on this spare motorcycle (damaged 1980 CX500). Upfront and clear. Great...
  2. Just had my first breakdown with my 1980 cx500 and I have no clue where to start.

    Technical Help Forum
    The bike's been running beautifully. I hopped on it yesterday to run to the store and about a mile into the ride, the bike sputtered out. The engine started cutting out like I wasn't giving it enough throttle, then it died. I noticed I hadn't turned on the petcock, so I flipped it to reserve and...
  3. Left ignition coil not sparking CX500

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello, I just picked up a 1980 CX500 and the left coil wont spark. The right side sparks when it is wired normally. When I swap the pink and yellow cables, the left side still doesnt spark. Which leads me to believe that its just the ignition coil. However, These are brand new. I checked the...
  4. 1980 CX 500 Deluxe No Spark

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello All, So i recently purchased my first bike from a neighboring town for $400 around 6 or so months ago. It ran like a dream with good idle and would start up every time. Then about 3 months later, I began to have an intermittent sparking problem. I would put the key in and all the lights...
  5. Many Parts Needed - CX500A 1980

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hi all, I need some parts for my CX500A 1980. I basically need a new front end, except the forks. I need: Front wheel spacer or full axle/spacer Front brake caliper Front brake splitter Front brake master cylinder Front disk brakes
  6. 1980 Honda cx500 custom Overheating After 5-10 Miles

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey again forum. Nearly done with a rebuild on a 1980 cx500 custom (picture and video for kicks below!); but just trying to sort out one last mechanical issue. Bike overheats after 5-10 miles of constant riding (assuming wind/temperature are doing basic cooling during the starts). Have...
  7. 1980 CX500 Custom - Front Brake Replacement Caliper?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey Everyone - can you make some suggestions on front brake calipers that bolt onto my 1980 cx500 custom? Was hoping there may be something new out there I could buy that does not require mods.... Any suggestions?? If not, what should I buy to replace mine? I think the previous owner used...
  8. Part number for 1989 cx500 crossover tubes oring

    Technical Help Forum
    Part number for 1980 cx500 crossover tubes oring Ok I tried sue arch without much luck. I have a 1980 cx500 when rebuilding the carbs and cleaning them I noticed I still had a leak on the crossover tubes both. In the cheap kit I purchased none of the orings in the kit matched. So I ordered...
  9. 1980 cx500d build

    Build Threads
    Hi everyone. I feel like I have done enough to the bike to make a build thread to show progress. So far I have disassembled the carbs, bought the FSM, Haynes, Larry's book and I am going to buy Randakks carb rebuild kit unless there's a better one? I have also dropped the motor and plan on...
  10. In need of some assistance/grievance/cash/sorrow/condolences..

    Selling and Buying Forum
    In need of some assistance/cash/help!! I need help. Trying to get to Northern California for the summer and need to sell some of my things, a new bike, cage, or similar!! my lack of time is your gain! but hopefully we can both gain! because help! I'm currently located in Portland, OR. Leaving...
  11. Selling 1980 CX500 Custom Parts in Ontario

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hey everyone, Some of you may have already seen my build thread, but now I am starting to sell any old components that I no longer need. If you're interested in anything below let me know and I'll try to get a shipping quote for you. Just a heads up, most of the items are in rough shape so if...
  12. Cam Shaft and Mechanical Fan Question

    Technical Help Forum
    So I recently moved to AZ and have been riding my '80 CX500 longer distances than when I was living in Moscow, ID and the town was very small. I have noticed a new "quirk" in my bike. Periodically the engine temp gauge begins to flutter and I can hear an unhealthy noise coming from the cam...
  13. 1980 Honda CX500 Problems running...please help!

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello, I am new to this forum and I have recently purchased a 1980 Honda cx500. This bike is a fixer up but I am having problems finding the problem that is keeping the bike from running. I am very new to restoring by the way. I have replaced the spark plugs and the bike, after I cleaned the...