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1980 cx500 deluxe

  1. 1980 CX500D for sale

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    Long time reader of the forum, selling my 1980 Deluxe. Carbs were rebuilt using Randakk's carb kit and a little help from forum member dccoleman. Selling as a whole, not parting out - except for highway pegs. I also have a saddle bag - River Road brand "no frills saddle bag" (not pictured)...
  2. 1980 cx500d build

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    Hi everyone. I feel like I have done enough to the bike to make a build thread to show progress. So far I have disassembled the carbs, bought the FSM, Haynes, Larry's book and I am going to buy Randakks carb rebuild kit unless there's a better one? I have also dropped the motor and plan on...