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1980 cx500 custom

  1. Hi

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    Hello everyone. I bought my CX500 back 17 years ago from a family friend while I was a sophomore in college. I ran it for the next 5 years, about 1,000 miles a year. After that it got a lot more sporadic; next five years a total of 1,000 miles. Sadly, it's been sitting now for several years...
  2. Modify OEM 1980 CX500 Custom Radiator Fan ?

    Technical Help Forum
    I know that a number of guys have gone the electric fan route, and I have had (2) Honda OEM fans "explode" - throwing blades into the radiator (each time, about (4) hours into a trip) - but it appears that the electric fan option creates many new challenges. My question - seeing as how this...
  3. Looking for my 1980 Cx500 Custom

    General Discussion
    I guess it's nostalgia from getting older but I would really like to find my first motorcycle. It's a 1980 Cx500 Custom. I had sold it to a friend who then sold it around Glen Rock, Pennsylvania , south of York. That was about 10-12 years ago. At the time it was all black with the Windjammer...
  4. Sudden oil leak on right side of engine block behind gearbox cover.

    Technical Help Forum
    Noticed oil on my right boot after my commute this last week. Checked the right side of the engine box and wiped the area clean with a shop towel. Started her up. Let her idle, no seeping. Then twisted the throttle and left it at 3000rpm while looking at the case. Oil started oozing out of the...
  5. Troubleshooting Problem

    Technical Help Forum
    I recently got a 1980 cx500c custom pretty cheap because the guy didn't want to have to fix it up. The only real issue is that the engine will not idle at all, if you don't give it throttle it dies as soon as you don't stop. Along with that the exhaust pipe on the left side does not heat up...
  6. Dead. 1980 CX500 Custom.

    Technical Help Forum
    Went to start bike, turned key to on, and lights came on strong. When I hit start I heard a tiny click and all the lights went out. Looks like the main fuse is not burnt out. The bike had not shown any signs of low battery and has always started and ran great. Battery is 1yr old...
  7. My first motorcycle

    General Discussion
    [ATTACH=CONFIG]12234[/ATTACH I hope this pic works I purchased this from a coworker for 500, and have put 700 in her so far Items done Fork seals, wipers, fluid Oil change Front/rear brakes Speedo/tachometer Title Inspection Insurance Planning on replacing the oil seals this weekend Glad I...