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  1. 1982 CX500C to 1978 CX parts swap

    General Discussion
    Hi y'all, I stumbled upon a 1978 cx500 (according to the seller's description). In fact, I'm not even sure his own description is accurate. Looks like somebody who wants to get rid of an old bike laying around. (Quick translation here: MUST SELL FAST!!! Model: Honda cx500, Price is...
  2. Starting CX500c 1979 engine Rebuild - Help Please

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everyone. I have just joined as I am now starting torebuild my 1979 cx500 custom USA 32,000 on clock. I bought the bike a couple ofyears ago, she was running - just….. butlow on compression, leaking petrol and blowing fuses from what I recall.Ah....a project thought I !!!!!! I stripped the...
  3. Hello from Leeds yorkshire

    United Kingdom - CX500
    Hi everyone. I have just joined as I am now starting to rebuild my 1979 cx500 custom USA and need help in working out what new parts I will definitely need for the engine while it is in bits. Will do a bit of browsing on the forums they look a good place to start. If anyone lives near me and...
  4. Carburetor Top Cover Seal Ring

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello to all, New to the community, I recently bought a 79 Cx500. Its been sitting for years in a garage. I have been fooling around with the carburetors for a few weeks now. I have been trying to get the MPG up. Right now I am getting around 29-30 MPG. I have cleaned and rebuilt these babies...
  5. Rebuilt carbs but still issues, stator help?

    General Discussion
    My 1979 Honda CX500D has been having issues accelerating ever since I have bought it. In any gear higher than first when I roll on the throttle after about 4000 rpm the bike begins to bog down and seems almost stuck at that speed. It sometimes feels like it wants to start pulling away and...
  6. Need some help with Scrambler planning

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Need some help with scrambler planning I picked up my 1979 CX500 about 4 months ago. She's on the road, she's all stock.... and I want to start a scrambler-style build. I'm using the cx500 as my daily rider right now, so I want to get everything planned out beforehand to minimize the time...
  7. 1979 CX500 cafe project for sale

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hey guys, I have been restoring a 1979 CX500 for the past year and a half. This baby sat since '82 and I was able to bring her back to life. While I have learned invaluable lessons from my CX, I have reached a point where I really just want to road trip with my husband on a more reliable...
  8. 1979 CX500E and parts bike

    Selling and Buying Forum
    1979 CX500 Deluxe and parts bike Hello, I'm selling my old 1979 CX500 Deluxe and a parts bike that came with it. You can find it on Kijiji here: 1979 Honda CX500 with extra parts bike | other | City of Toronto | Kijiji The bikes are in Toronto. The parts bike is a CX500D, also 1979. I'm...
  9. Barn fresh corrosion CX500 to Cafe' buffed

    General Discussion
    Hey Guys, So I decided I'll do something Iv never done and post the progress of my project as it goes along. I bought this 1979 CX500 (Deluxe?) off of craigslist for $400 two weeks ago sitting in a barn. It was sitting since it was parked in 2006ish the owner said, "ran when parked". Motor...
  10. '79 CX500 Need Help Diagnosing Possible Cam Chain Issues

    General Discussion
    Been lurking for about a year since I first got my CX. First I gotta say thanks to the insane amount of resources here. My mechanic experience is limited to changing the oil in my car and rebuilding a carb on a XR50 when I was 13. So let's assume I have no knowledge of this sort of stuff. I...
  11. Want to buy backrest and luggage rack for 1979 CX500 Custom

    Selling and Buying Forum
    I'm looking for a backrest and luggage rack for my 1979 CX500 Custom. Does anybody have one for sale, reasonably priced? Thanks! Ray GOT ONE! "Thank you" to those who responded. Ray
  12. Looking for '79 CX500 coils

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Does anyone have a pair of coils for a '79 CX500 for sale? The ones on the bike are slightly rusted. :p I have PayPal.
  13. Need 1979 cx500c Main Harness

    Selling and Buying Forum
    I am looking for a 1979 CX500C Main wire Harness that is not torn up and still has all of the switches on it, please message me or respond and let me know what you are thinking for price and we can figure it out. I am in the 58203 zip code so we might have to ship it, however im willing to...
  14. 1979 Honda cx500D wiring diagram- color

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everybody, I recently bought a cx500 and needed a wiring diagram, I pulled a good one off this sight but it was black and white and hard to follow at some points. Since you all were nice enough to share it with me, I figured I'd share what I turned it into. It is in color (although not as...