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  1. 1982 CX500C to 1978 CX parts swap

    General Discussion
    Hi y'all, I stumbled upon a 1978 cx500 (according to the seller's description). In fact, I'm not even sure his own description is accurate. Looks like somebody who wants to get rid of an old bike laying around. (Quick translation here: MUST SELL FAST!!! Model: Honda cx500, Price is...
  2. Electrics need to be fixed

    Technical Help Forum
    Just bought a 1978 Cx500. The electronic start doesn't work, i start it by manually starting the starter near the battery. Also the brake and headlight don't work, they are just hardwired near the battery. I'm looking for an electrical layout of the 1978 cx500 and owners manuals. Does anyone...
  3. The Mongrel - Scrambler Build

    Build Threads
    This journey began in October 2015. I watched the ad on CL for about 2 weeks, the offering was $500. From the pics, the bike looked to be in rough shape but ran. I saw it drop to $400 one afternoon, so I decided to inquire. Guy told me he was going to Florida at the end of the week and didn't...
  4. '78 CX500 missing airbox

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Well, search continues... was supposed to buy a CX500 last week, but guy sold it on me. :S Looking at another one, and from how it reads, I think it's the same one. Person who bought it realized she was too small to drive it. :D Anyways, says the gas line is disconnected, carbs/tank need...
  5. 78 Wheels Wanted

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Looking for 78 Wheels - Particularly the rear. I'm in the twin cities. Thanks! -Rob UPDATE: Found a wheel set locally, thank you!
  6. For Sale: 1978 CX500 w/ collector's plates in Vancouver, BC

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hello everyone! I admit I have never posted on the forum before, very bad I know, but have sincerely appreciated reading everyone's posts on this forum - thank you. I have recently posted my CX500 (which I bought in March as my first street bike) on Craigslist. It's breaking my heart because...
  7. Selling 78' Honda CX500

    Selling and Buying Forum
    FOR SALE! We are looking to sell our 1978 Honda CX500 and are ready to move it quickly. Priced to sell fast. It is fully in-tack but has no title, so this sale would be for parts only. As Is condition. No Key. $500 (shipping included) or $600 to for sales on west coast (shipping included)...