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my 78 CX500 as it was delivered to me
got this with my stimulus check, it wasnt pretty but it ran, guy i got it from drove it here from Ionia. so its my project for the winter
as you can see theres wires dangling everywhere, the seat was bad, almost no metal underneath. no fairings but the mounts were still there.
removed those, the hard bags, the trunk and the backrest, cut 15 feet of excess wire out from the headlight area. notice the stickers, tank was all dented to hell, bondo pushed in then a sticker placed over it. some dents were painted over, youll notice the tank is flat black, once i started on it i found 14 good dents, they dont show with no


has a GL500 engine and a 16inch rear wheel, handlebars didnt fit me, i had to sit on passenger seat to use em, got a pair off a dirtbike and put them on, much nicer. found a better seat, iron underneath still solid, will make a new cover soon. hand forged my own trailer hitch, pics coming later


78 CX500
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mucked up and deleted the will put them here